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About Us

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PLOT Architecture is a small architectural firm driven by the creativity and passion of director Julie Lawrence. Coming from an Associate Director position at Base Architecture, Julie brings a vast experience in high end houses, renovations and boutique residential and commercial projects over her 15+ years of experience in the industry. She has worked in both small and large practices in Brisbane and in London, and thrives on the one-on-one interaction she has with clients. While she has designed spaces and buildings for large government organizations and developers, her passion is individual houses. Her largest inspiration by far is her clients, each one bringing with them a unique way of living which provides the driver for design solutions that facilitate their individual way of life in order to create the perfect home.

Left to right | Georgia Stevenson Architect | Jaimie Maclean Interior Designer | 

Julie Lawrence Director | Holly Banks Munnings Architect

Our Design Philosophy

PLOT’s philosophy centers on understanding you and your family and how you want to live. We create spaces that make your life easier, houses that aren’t just large for the sake of it, or ostentatious because Architecture should be. Most importantly, we consider the unique opportunities of the land, view, breeze, and natural light to provide enduring spaces within which to live and grow. Your home needs to encompass spaces that accommodate every member of the family at all times of the day – inspiring, engaging and making memorable your daily activities. We design homes that above all feel good, somewhere you can relax and be proud to call home.


How We Work

PLOT is focused on bringing you a personalized service that works around your budget, your timing and your schedule. We understand that designing a new house or renovation needs your ongoing involvement, but it can be hard to find time in your busy week. Sometimes a detailed email will suit better than a face to face meeting; at other times an evening catchup while the kids are asleep is the only time you have. We understand, and can tailor our service to meet your needs.

We work with consultants and builders that we trust and that complement our way of working. Designing and building is a collaborative process, and we work with like-minded clients and builders who understand we are all on the same team and want the best possible outcome. If this means challenging the design early in the process to make sure we meet your budget, or changing details on site during construction to make things work better or accommodate last minute requests, we want to make things right for you. At the end of the day, you get an amazing house to live in, we feel honoured to have created something which makes you happy, and the builder can hang his hat on the door and be proud to say he built it.


Having honest and transparent relationships with everyone in the design team, makes for a much more enjoyable process than those typical builder horror stories you hear from your best friend’s friend who will never build again!

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